Academic programs in mathematics

We offer university degrees for the three cycles of the European system LMD (licence, master degree and doctoral studies). The evaluation of courses takes place within the framework of the ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The ECTS is based on the principle that 60 credits measure the workload of a full-time student during one academic year. This system facilitates student mobility in Europe.

First university cycle : licence

This cycle lasts three years and upon successful completion you are awarded the degree of "Licence". It corresponding to 180 ECTS.

You can choose among three programs :


Second university cycle: master

After successful completion of the licence degree two more years are needed to obtain the masters degree.This second cycle corresponds to an additional 120 credits (ETS). Obtention of a masters degree qualifies you for the doctoral program but also for a career in the private sector (ingeneering, resarch positions in big companies, employment in financial intitutes, ...).

Upon request of the student the intermediate diploma of "maîtrise" can be awarded after one year of the masters program. This diploma qualifies students to prepare the examination for becoming a high school teacher.

You can choose between three different programs:



We also propose the special program of excellence "Magistère" that students can enroll in after two years of the licence program. The object of this program that is codelivered by the University of Rennes 1 and the local branch of the "Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan" is to give the student an excellent training in pure and applied mathematics as well as in computer science. After one year of this program students are award the degree of licence and after the whole cycle the degree of maitrise.


Third university cycle: doctoral studies

Having obtained the masters degree a student interested in research can join the Doctoral program that is organized by the reasearch institute IRMAR. The degree of doctorat is usually obtained after at least three years of extensive research under the supervision of a thesis advisor, and includes the writing and successful defence of a thesis.


Programs for becoming a teacher

The department also has various programs to prepare candidates for the different examinations necessary to become a teacher in a public of private school. (Agrégation Externe, Agrégation Interne, CAPES, CAPLP).